At Anjali, emphasis is placed on educating the student in classical Bharata Natyam and/or Kuchipudi, but occasionally some traditional and authentic folk dances are taught, to make the students understand the rich diversity of Indian dances, and they get an opportunity to perform these too. In the course of their training, students learn art appreciation, traditional terms pertaining to dance, names of Raga-s and Tala-s, history, and mythology. In other words, what they receive at Anjali is a comprehensive arts education.
The Anjali Center also reinforces its students’ training by bringing in experts to give workshops during summer, thus further enhancing their skills and their repertoire.
The class material, which will be provided to the students at the beginning of the year, will include audio cassettes/CDs, and videotapes/DVDs of dances that will be taught during the year.


All fees must be paid in full at the start of every month. Due to the expenses involved in the setup and maintenance of the new larger facility and the additional administrative/operational expenses, we have to enforce some basic rules for fee payments, such as on-time payments and penalties for late payments. For new students only, a one time registration fee is also required.

Supplemental Materials:

In addition students may have to purchase supplementary learning materials such as audio tapes or CDs, videos tapes, VCDs or DVDs, and books, as determined by the teacher.

Missed class policy:

Missed classes will have to be paid for, if no notification is given 24 hours in advance. Sudden illness is an exception. Refunds may be given at the discretion of the teacher. Also, group lessons will not be made up on an individual basis, unless paid for as private classes.

Private lessons:

Private lessons are for advanced students and those preparing for their Arangetram or Rangapravesam only. We recommend that students at all other levels be kept in groups, as we have noticed, in these past 30 years, that they learn better in a group situation, with good interaction and a sense of healthy competition. Please do not ask for private lessons if your budget does not permit them. Because of our new and expensive undertaking, all discounts are being suspended.

Performance Opportunities:

All students, once they learn some dances, will have the chance to perform them at numerous venues – Children’s Museum (Beginners, Levels I & II), Houston International Festival (Intermediate, Level II & Advanced, Level I), the Asian American Festival (Beginners II and both Intermediate Levels), Asian Pacific American Festival (Beginners I & II), and a variety of other cultural events that crop up through the year, giving everyone ample opportunities to exhibit their talents.
In addition to these, we will be having quarterly in-house performances by different groups for parents and friends, helping students shed their inhibitions and stage fright, and acquire grace, finesse, confidence and self-esteem. It is needless to say that students who are unwilling to practice and do not remember their dances will not be allowed to participate in public performances until and unless they are ready to remedy this problem. We request parents to work with their children and help them in this regard.

Student Recognition

Students that work hard and do well will be featured as “Students of the Month” and senior students that distinguish themselves as dancers and win laurels will be inducted into the Anjali HALL OF FAME.

Student Testing

Tests will be conducted every 3 months, at Beginner and Intermediate levels, in both Theory and Practical aspects, and “Report Cards” given, with comments on the student’s progress. The student will have to retain this ‘report card’ for the duration of one year, to check the level of progress. Parents will have to sign the cards before returning them to the teacher. Each student will have her/his own file, containing all pertinent information.

Student Attendance

We discourage students from missing classes for trivial reasons, and we reserve the right to place frequent absentees in other groups. Private lessons may be provided for such students, if the teacher so desires, in order to help them make up and stay with their original group. Tardy students may have to wait outside the classroom until there is a break in the lesson, so as not to disrupt its smooth flow.

Dress Code

  • All students are required to wear kurta & pyjama to class, and tie a chunni tightly around their waists.
  • Strictly no pants, jeans, shorts, dresses, long skirts, short tops and t-shirts.
  • Inappropriately dressed students will have to sit out.
  • Hair must be tied up or pinned back, before coming to class.
  • Absolutely no gum chewing is allowed on the premises.

Parent and/or Student Waiting:

We are fortunate enough to have a very spacious facility, which has a large and comfortable waiting area. In the near future, the facility will be outfitted with a wireless DSL network for parents/students to bring their laptops + wireless PCMCA card and access internet while they are waiting.

  • Wait in the designated area, except in the case of very young students who may require help initially.
  • Not allowed to leave behind any of their other children (non-students) while running errands.
  • Do not walk into classrooms between classes or while classes are going on, unless asked.
  • Wait till the end of the class to talk to the teacher (we will have a 5-10 minute gap between classes).
  • We have found email to be a very effective method of communication.
  • Telephone calls will be accepted during class breaks only – please do not call during class time, unless it is a dire emergency. All calls will be returned at the first opportunity.
  • No video cameras will be allowed into classrooms unless specifically requested by the teacher.

Anjali students have to inform Rathna Kumar prior to accepting performances from outside sources, and cannot perform or learn with other teachers/persons as long as they are students at this Center, unless it is at workshops conducted at the Center, specifically for their benefit.

The music and videocassettes provided to the students are expressly for their use, and they may not copy the videotapes or give the music to others who are not students at the Center, nor teach non-Anjali persons the dances that they learn at this school.

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